The Interim Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Development Forum Mr Amena Yauvoli today received Fiji’s Heads of Missions in the Pacific at the PIDF Secretariat in Nasese, Suva.
The Heads of Fiji’s Diplomatic Missions in Canberra, Wellington and Port Moresby are in Suva for their annual planning meeting. Today they visited the PIDF to be briefed on its activities and plans for the future.
Welcoming the diplomats Mr Yauvoli said their visit was opportune given the important challenges before the Pacific today.
“Pacific Island developing countries are situated in an ocean of opportunity. The challenge lies in turning opportunities into sustainable economic, social and environmentally responsible benefits for the people of the Pacific. This calls for a different vision of growth, one that is fair, inclusive and within planetary boundaries.”
“Today we were able to discuss how the private sector is the key driver for green growth, as its investing and innovating capacities are crucial for the transition to a resource- and energy efficient low carbon Pacific economy. Development cooperation can support our small and medium-sized enterprises profit from business development services and know-how along the entire value chain.I am pleased that the PIDF and our diplomatic missions abroad can work collaboratively for a Pacific that is low-carbon, resource-efficient, socially inclusive and creates responsible entrepreneurial activity and decent work and well-being for all.”