Providing an enabling environment for Green/Blue Pacific economies


The PIDF’s mission, as defined by its Charter, is “to provide an enabling environment for Green/Blue Pacific economies through inclusive strategies, multi-stakeholder governance and genuine partnerships.”

A Pacific Green/Blue Economy Model

The Pacific is an Ocean continent. The PIDF members’ territories comprises of over 99% sea.

For this reason PIDF does not speak of the Green Economy without mentioning the Blue Economy, thus reflecting the Pacific’s reality.

Whether discussing the Green or Blue Economy, both can be visualized as sitting on three pillars (see figures below) – the social, environmental and economic pillars. If the three pillars are not of equal height (i.e. given equal importance) the Green/Blue Economy standing on them would be destabilized.

Although Green/Blue Economy are usually perceived as being environmental in nature most of the associated principles are social in nature – equity, genuine well-being for all, inclusive and participatory, accountable, build resilience and respect culture and spirituality.

Green and Blue Economies should ensure that they deliver economic models that, while producing profit, also benefit people and the planet (the 3 Ps).

Green Economy … The PIDF considers that a green economy should follow certain basic principles. It should deliver sustainable development, equity, genuine well-being for all; it should be inclusive and participatory, accountable and deliver sustainable consumption and production, build resilience, respect the natural environment, invest for the future and respect culture and spirituality.

Blue Economy … The PIDF promotes a Blue Economy that is sustainable and which follows the same principles of Green Economy for economic activities taking place on the ocean.