November 2021

Visitation to J. Hunter Pearls

30 November, 2021- A community is a cohort of people who live in the same area, have common interests, or share a common identity. Communities can play an important role in resilience, while aquaculture can contribute to community resilience. Making the ocean-based sectors, which are already the backbone of most SIDS economies, more sustainable and […]

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Savusavu Blue-town Model Meeting

30 November, 2021 – Savusavu, Fiji The degradation of the environment on islands has a direct consequence on the biodiversity and its fragile ecosystem and this has become an emerging concern in recent years in Pacific Small Islands Developing States. The causes of degradation in PSIDs include, to name a few: deforestation, inappropriate agricultural practices,

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PYSC award

The Fiji Youth Solar Challenge is part of a wider, regional PIDF initiative – the Pacific Youth Solar Challenge (PYSC) – which will see national competitions for youths take place in PIDF member countries. The national competition saw youth’s from across the country showcasing the benefits of renewable energy. The FYSC aim was to encourage

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RE enabling Access to Education in Rural and Maritime Communities

RE enabling Access to Education in Rural and Maritime Communities Education for a large number of people in rural and maritime areas is crucial for achievement of sustainable development. Strategies are now placing emphasis on rural development that encompasses all those who live in these remote hard to reach areas. Such strategies need to address

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Island Resilience

Island Resilience It is certain that there is no sustainable development in the context of PSIDs unless they are resilient environmentally, socially and economically.Against the backdrop of these challenges, countries and territories across the Pacific are further handicapped in the area of sustainable energy by: i) limited range of indigenous energy resources E.g. only Papua

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The IPCC Special Report released this past August reconfirms that Climate Change is widespread, rapid, and intensifying, “and some trends are now irreversible”. The impacts on societies, ecosystems, food security and livelihoods around the world will be catastrophic. We therefore call on all countries, particularly the big emitters for more ambitious commitments to reducing carbon

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