Meet Our Team


  Executive Office

Secretary General

The Secretary General has overall responsibility for the management and administration of the Secretariat to support members through regional leadership, genuine partnerships and innovative mechanisms, reporting to the Governing Council.

Tel:  (679) 3311518 |  Fax:  (679) 3311527 

Coordinator Governance

The Coordinator Governance is tasked with coordinating the daily affairs of the Office of Secretary General and liaising with the staff of the Secretariat(as and when required) as well as act as PIDF’s liaison officer to its members, development and technical partners.

Tel:  (679) 3311518 | Ext. 101

UNOSSC Pacific Office Research Officer - Dr Leba Salusalu

Dr Salusalu has been seconded to the Pacific Office of the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation as their Research Officer.


Tel:  (679) 3311518 | Ext. 116

Green Infrastructure Advisor- Mr Joji Waqamailau


Tel:  (679) 3311518 | Ext. 106

Blue Economy Unit

Economic Development Specialist - Mr Alipate Mataivilia


Tel:  (679) 3311518 | Ext. 106

Director Blue Economy - Ms. Arpana Pratap

As Director Blue Economy, Ms. Pratap will support the core business of PIDF by developing the blue economy agenda through the establishment of comprehensive and appropriate regional and national architecture to foster ocean economic growth and development while ensuring that the natural capital assets continue to provide the resources and environmental services.


Tel:  (679) 331 1518 | Ext. 105

Research Assistant - Mr. Henry Galuvakadua


Tel:  (679) 331 1518 | Ext. 117

Climate Action Unit

Director Climate Action - Ms. Marilyn Tagicakibau

As Director Climate Action, Ms. Tagicakibau will support the core business of PIDF through the effective and efficient management of PIDF’s national and regional programmes, including ensuring programme and project mobilization, outcomes contract management and reporting.

Tel:  (679) 331 1518 

Administration Officer

As an Administration Officer, Mr Torowale will support the effective and efficient management of Programmes, Projects, initiatives and activities of the Climate Action Unit.

Tel:  (679) 331 1518| Ext. 112

 Island Resilience Unit

Director Island Resilience - Mr Viliame Kasanawaqa

As Director Island Resilience, Mr Kasanawaqa will provide support for the core business of the PIDF in reducing vulnerabilities and building island resilience of PSIDs with aim to accelerate the integration of the three mainstays of sustainable development and harmonize the pursuit of economic growth with the needs of the populace and the preservation of the environment

Tel:  (679) 331 1518 | Ext. 107

Administration Support Officer (SHoS)- Mr John Swamy

Tel:  (679) 331 1518 | Ext. 103

Coordinator Island Resilience - Ms. Arti Chand

As Coordinator Island Resilience, Ms. Chand will support the effective and efficient management of Programmes, Projects, initiatives and activities of the Island Resilience Unit.

Tel:  (679) 331 1518 | Ext. 113

  Corporate Services Unit

Director Corporate Services - Vacant

As Director Corporate Services, the incumbent is responsible for the management of all corporate services, including Financial Management, Human Resources Management and Administration.

Tel:  (679) 331 1518 | Ext. 102

Finance Assistant

As Finance Assistant, individual is responsible for the financial operations and administration of the PIDF Secretariat.

Tel:  (679) 331 1518 | Ext. 114

Admin Assistant - Ms Fane Tokalauvere

As Admin Assistant, Ms. Tokalauvere is responsible for the hygiene of the PIDF Secretariat’s offices and general office tasks and administrative duties.


Tel:  (679) 331 1518| Ext. 118

Administration Officer- Ms Shayal Sharma

As Administration Officer, Ms Sharma  is responsible for day to day administrative duties of the PIDF Secretariat.

Tel:  (679) 331 1518 

Grounds Keeper - Mr Niko Biumaiwasa

As Grounds Keeper, Mr Biumaiwasa is responsible for the maintenance of the grounds of the PIDF Secretariat.

Tel:  (679) 331 1518

  Communications Unit

Coordinator Communications and Events - Ms Kinisimere Tabua-Tamanisau

As Coordinator Communications and Events, Ms Tamanisau is responsible for PIDF’s communication requirements, IT needs, management of logistical and events planning of the organisation.

Tel:  (679) 331 1518 |Ext. 109