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The Fiji Youth Solar Challenge is part of a wider, regional PIDF initiative – the Pacific Youth Solar Challenge (PYSC) – which will see national competitions for youths take place in PIDF member countries. The national competition saw youth’s from across the country showcasing the benefits of renewable energy. Readmore..


RE enabling Access to Education in Rural and Maritime Communities
Education for a large number of people in rural and maritime areas is crucial for achievement of sustainable development. Strategies are now placing emphasis on rural development that encompasses all those who live in these remote hard to reach areas. Readmore..


Island Resilience
It is certain that there is no sustainable development in the context of PSIDs unless they are resilient environmentally, socially and economically.Against the backdrop of these challenges, countries and territories across the Pacific are further handicapped in the area of sustainable energy by: Readmore..


Renewable Energy and Health Interventions
The COVID-19 challenges have impacted many of the PICs energy goals and targets, due to economic shock and supply chain distributions. In fact, Fiji has been forced to defer achieving its 100% electrification goal till 2026 due to the pandemic. Readmore..

The IPCC Special Report released this past August reconfirms that Climate Change is widespread, rapid, and intensifying, “and some trends are now irreversible”. The impacts on societies, ecosystems, food security and livelihoods around the world will be catastrophic. Readmore..

Wednesday, 13 October 2021, Suva Fiji: The Pacific Islands Development (PIDF) Secretariat held a virtual Pacific Youth Solar Challenge (PYSC) awards ceremony for the Fiji component. The PYSC is a regional initiative based on national competitions for young people from PIDF member countries to showcase the benefits of solar energy.  Read More
25 September, Suva Fiji: The past few days saw the celebration of the ‘global goals week,’ that recognized the significance of the fifth (5th) anniversary of the seventeen (17) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The first Global Goals Week was held in 2016 during the UN General Assembly.
On 25 September 2015, 193 countries at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly (GA) adopted the 17 SDGs, a unanimous commitment to end poverty, fight inequality and injustice and tackle climate change. Read More
7 September 2021, Suva Fiji: The PIDF Secretary General H.E Ambassador Solo Mara delivered the opening keynote at the Virtual Island Summit (VIS) 2021 session on “Renewable Microgrids: An Economic, Reliable and Sustainable Energy Transition for Islands.” On the same note, Ambassador Mara conveyed his sincere appreciation to the able leadership of Island Innovation for organizing this important event, aimed at sharing knowledge for resilient, sustainable and prosperous Islands…Read More
9 September, 2021 – Suva, Fiji. The Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) will support the United Nations Office of South –South Cooperation (#UNoSSC) in undertaking a study to provide recommendations to governments on enhancing sustainability of the off-grid solar systems in #PSIDS as a #greenrecovery solution from COVID-19. The study will also promote knowledge sharing and identify South-South cooperation opportunities for solar energy development among PSIDS and introducing the existing platforms/mechanisms and what needs to be done to promote these South-South cooperation opportunities. Read More
27 August 2021, Suva Fiji: The Third Board Meeting of the Solarisation of Heads of State (SHOS) Residences in PIDF member countries project was convened and hosted virtually by PIDF secretariat. It was attended by representatives from the Republic of Fiji, Republic of Marshall Islands, Tuvalu, Government of India, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Pacific Office and Solar Heads of States official.Read More

4 August 2021, Suva Fiji: The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) virtually launched the regional Pacific Green Entrepreneurs Network (PGEN), a 3-year project implemented by GGGI and funded by the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD). The Network will offer annual incubation and accelerator programs targeted at green and sustainable businesses (particularly those led by women and youth) in 6 Pacific Islands: Fiji, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu.

In delivering his keynote Address on regional perspective, PIDF Secretary General, Ambassador Solo Mara, emphasized the PGEN initiative is one of the growing number of platforms that the PIDF is collaborating with the GGGI. See More


 REGISTER NOW: GGGI Pacific Green Entrepreneurship Network will be officially launched on 4th August at 11am (Fiji time)!

Pacific Green Entrepreneurs Network Project Details

The regional Pacific Green Entrepreneurs Network (PGEN) is a 3-year project implemented by Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and funded by the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD). The Network will offer annual incubation and accelerator programs targeted at green and sustainable businesses (particularly those led by women and youth) in 6 Pacific Islands: Fiji, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu. View More

Suva Fiji, 10 March 2021: “The PIDF rolled out a “Food Security and Nutrition” program in the province of Ra last week to address a number of key deliverables that includes building community resilience through the identification and promotion of simple and reliable solutions. The project was conducted over two weeks in three villages [Nativi, Rokoroko and Togovere] and focused on improving the diets of the villages through farming practices that protect the environment, growing vegetables and new ways of cooking local foods. This follows the WHO advisory that in the absence of an effective vaccine to protect us against the deadly effect of COVID19, the best way to safeguard oneself is to strengthen ones immune system through a healthy and nutritious diet. Given that the health of many Fijians (and Pacific Islanders) have already been compromised by the onset of non-communicable diseases, a healthy and nutritious diet using local food and prepared in a healthy way can reverse the effect of NCDs in our communities.

The program modality included a hands on farming demonstration involving green-house seedling preparation, a cooking show involving a chef using local vegetables and herbs and a classroom type presentation by dieticians and healthy food advocates. The program was supported by Embassy of The People’s Republic of China in The Republic of Fiji, the Ra Provincial Council, the Fiji Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Courts, Fiji Gas and the Nacilau Three Angels Missionary Centre.”

Suva Fiji, 25 November 2020: The PIDF Secretariat was represented by its Secretary General, Ambassador Solo Mara, in the Third Asia-Pacific Forum for South-South & Triangular Cooperation which was virtually on Wednesday and focussed on the Role of South-South Cooperation in Building Back Better from the COVID-19 Pandemic in Asia and the Pacific. The forum was organised jointly by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC) and their Partners.

Ambassador Mara in the panel discussion titled ‘Regional and Subregional responses promoting South-South cooperation in addressing COVID-19 in the Asia-Pacific,’ highlighted that the global COVID-19 pandemic has caused unimaginable devastation to people’s lives, livelihoods and national economies. It has also offered an opportunity to reflect on our collective actions as a human race and their consequences on the one planet we live in.
“The challenge is in ensuring that the manner in which we build back better is founded on an inclusive sustainable “green growth” platform. That is, to identify how we can improve on the current economic model to protect our environment whilst delivering equitable sustainable growth for strong and resilient communities, “ said Ambassador Mara.
Moreover, Ambassador Mara re-emphasized that the pandemic has reinforced the importance of the supportive role that South-South and Triangular cooperation plays in creating resilient communities in the Asia Pacific region. PIDF would like to see this cooperation ramped up to assist PIC to address the socioeconomic and health challenges of COVID-19.
“Debt relief for the Pacific Islands is another area that must be considered by the international community as part of the COVID-19 response. The PIDF has made it a priority to highlight debt relief in our discussions with donor partners and with other international organizations. Such actions, will have a positive impact on PIC, enabling them to divert their resources to COVID-19 response and recovery to build back better. The Global South must continue to advocate strongly for this,” said Ambassador Mara.
Full Speech here:

Suva Fiji, 22 October 2020 – The Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) was presented with a cheque by the Embassy of The People’s Republic of China in Fiji this morning. The funding provided is for a Food and Nutrition Project themed: ‘Strengthening Human Resilience in the Post-COVID 19 World through Healthy Food and Nutrition in the Ra Province’.

Agriculture is the backbone of Fiji’s rural economy and is crucial to the provision of food security, economic livelihood and the reduction in imported food and vegetables. The selected site, the Ra province, has the majority of the population directly dependent on the agricultural sector. Due to the impact of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the farmers have been trying to have alternative sources of income to sustain their livelihoods. Addressing food and nutrition security will not only provide this alternative source of income but will also boost immune systems that would fight against these outbreaks in the absence of proper vaccines or medicine.

The food and nutrition project in the Ra Province will focus on building resilience by up skilling and exchanging knowledge with communities on better nutrition intake and greater use of local produce through training programmes and assessments.

The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China has a long-term relationship with the PIDF Secretariat and the Secretariat is grateful for their generosity and will continue to work together in providing assistance in building climate resilient communities.

30 September 2020, Rakiraki Fiji: The Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) organised a talanoa session with stakeholders from the aquaculture and fisheries sector in the province of Ra to discuss opportunities and challenges in this sector and a way forward. This session was the second in the series of talanoas’ for blue economy development in Fiji.
The COVID-19 crisis has had a major negative impact on the livelihoods of these people in terms of sales and access to markets, prices and incomes from the aquaculture and fisheries industry. The PIDF Secretariat noted the common challenges raised and has committed to work towards providing support and building the capacities of the stakeholders, especially women, in the Ra province as requested.
The Secretariat will continue to organise talanoa sessions in Fiji to progress its mandate on the blue economy.

11 September 2020, Suva
A Letter of Intent was signed between the Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) and the Institute of Applied Sciences (IAS), University of the South Pacific (USP) at the PIDF Secretariat. This engagement foresees a collaboration in promoting the sustainable development agenda through empowering resource owners and communities in the Pacific.

8 September 2020, Suva: The PIDF Secretariat welcomed Dr. Jay D. Lincoln, Charge d’ Affairs of the Embassy of the Republic of Palau based in Suva. The Republic of Palau became the latest member of PIDF at COP23 in 2017 making it the organisation’s 14th member and 12th member state. The PIDF Secretary General, Ambassador Solo Mara, congratulated the opening of the Embassy in Fiji and looks forward to working closely with the Embassy in helping our Pacific Island transition towards a sustainable Green-Blue Economy. The Charge d’ Affairs echoed similar sentiments and noted the importance of nurturing and expanding small sustainable projects through genuine partnerships for the benefit of our Pacific people.

Suva Fiji, 12 August 2020The first Annual Board Meeting of the Solarisation Head of State (SHOS) Residences in PIDF members project was held on Wednesday 12 August 2020 at the PIDF Secretariat. The Project Board meeting was attended by representatives from the Republic of Fiji, Republic of Marshall Islands, Tuvalu, Government of India and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Pacific Office. The Project board had unanimously appointed Tuvalu as the Chair. ReadMore..

Leaders’ resolutions

Nadi Bay Declaration on the Climate Change Crisis in the Pacific.

We, the People of the Pacific Islands Development Forum, Striving to advance the sustainable and inclusive development of Pacific Island nations,
Dedicated to the goals of poverty eradication, environmental preservation and to addressing the challenges of the current anthropogenic climate change crisis;
Advocating for a paradigm shift to foster coherence between Climate Change mitigation and adaptation actions, environmental protection and resilience development;

Read more.

Pacific Decade for Sustainable Transport

At the PIDF Leaders’ Summit and Conference held in Nadi, Fiji on 29 and 30 July 2019, the PIDF Leaders endorsed a resolution that declared 2020-2030 as the Pacific Decade for Sustainable Transport.

Read more.