Marshall Islands

  Marshall Islands

Joined PIDF : 4 September 2015
Official Languages : English and Marshallese
National Holiday : 1 May (Constitution Day)
Currency : US Dollar
Population : 58,962 (2019 estimate)
Population Density : 325/km2
Land Area : 181 km2
EEZ Area : 2,131,000 km2

H.E. David Kabua
President of the Republic of Marshall Islands

  • H.E. David Kabua is the President of the Republic of Marshall Islands assuming office in  January 2020.
  • Born: 1961 .
  • Party: Aelon̄ Kein Ad – United Democratic Party

Contact Information
Address: Office of the President, P.O. Box 2, Majuro, MH 96960

Marshall Islands (RMI) has been an active member of PIDF since the beginning.

PIDF initiatives in RMI include:

PIDF Regional initiatives that are inclusive of RMI: