Visitation to J. Hunter Pearls

30 November, 2021- A community is a cohort of people who live in the same area, have common interests, or share a common identity. Communities can play an important role in resilience, while aquaculture can contribute to community resilience. Making the ocean-based sectors, which are already the backbone of most SIDS economies, more sustainable and resilient, along with unlocking new, sustainable economic opportunities that can promote diversification and resilience must be a priority in the COVID19 Recovery effort. The Savusavu-based company, J.Hunter Pearls Fiji have diversify and develop economic opportunities during the prevailing COVID19 pandemic. Value creation and diversification from the traditional oyster for pearls to oyster for food is the new approach. The PIDF team was shown firsthand on the tour of Community-Based Partnership for Business, the contribution of the private sector to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and well being of community in the Savusavu.