Savusavu Blue-town Model Meeting

30 November, 2021 – Savusavu, Fiji
The degradation of the environment on islands has a direct consequence on the biodiversity and its fragile ecosystem and this has become an emerging concern in recent years in Pacific Small Islands Developing States. The causes of degradation in PSIDs include, to name a few: deforestation, inappropriate agricultural practices, poor waste management, ocean pollution, over-grazing, mining, population pressure, land tenure issues and changing climate.
The PIDF is exploring ways to collaborate and support the Savusavu Blue Town Model. The Team headed by the Secretary General Ambassador Solo Mara and Director Island Resilience Mr. Viliame Kasanawaqa held fruitful discussions with the team on the ground to enhance the initiative. The initiative is replicable and scalable in PSIDs communities, and going blue is a path to economic recovery and island resilience.
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