PM Launches Solomon Islands National Sustainable Development Board

Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare launched the Solomon Islands National Sustainable Development Board (NSDB) of the Pacific Islands Development Forum on April 12, 2017.

The National Development Committee of the PIDF in Solomon Islands will perform the role of NSDB and its membership includes representatives of the Government, Private Sector and Civil Society.

The terms of Reference of the NSDB include:

Serving as the national/local focal point and repository of information on all PIDF matters at the national level;

  • Promoting the establishment of multi-stakeholder and inclusive processes at the national level;
  • Coordinating the implementation of the decisions of the PIDF at the national level;
  • Advocating and leading the vision and purposes of the PIDF at the national level; and
  •  Reporting to the Members Representative Council.

Speaking at the launching ceremony which coincided with the closing of the workshop on the establishment of the NSDB, Prime Minister Sogavare said the PIDF is a space for catalysing, mobilising and mainstreaming action in support of sustainable development through a green economy in Pacific Island countries through a coalition of Pacific governments, civil society and private sector.

He said this coalition is bound by ‘our’ goals of enhancing the welfare and prosperity of pacific peoples.

The Prime Minister said in this connection, Solomon Islands was honoured to host the fourth Summit of PIDF Leaders in Honiara last year which saw him take over the helm of the organization from his Fiji counterpart, Prime Minister Hon Frank Bainimarama.

He said in August this year, Honiara will again play host to the 5th Summit of PIDF Leaders and for the time the Members’ representative Council.

“The conference is the apex decision-making body of the PIDF and it discusses matters of common concern to the pacific in the area of sustainable development and harmonisation of the general policy of the PIDF,” Prime Minister Sogavare said.

On that note, the Prime Minister said he cannot overstate the importance of the consultations and workshop for the establishment of the NSDB.

He said as representatives of the Government, Private Sectors and Civil Society in Solomon Islands, the National Sustainable Development Committee of Solomon Islands participation in the workshop helped to identify and shape the NSDB of Solomon Islands.

“This is our strength to the success of the PIDF as we build a multi-stakeholder National Sustainable Development Board in Solomon Islands that would enable and assist the PIDF Secretariat to achieve our sustainable development objectives at the national level,” the Prime Minister added.

Prime Minister Sogavare said he had been informed that the consultations and workshop on the establishment of the NSDB of Solomon Islands were a success and that it covered the PIDF Climate Change Treaty, Climate Change Road Map, Strategic Plan 2017-2020 and of course the establishment of the NSDB.

“These were issues that in the past were only discussed at the Government level. Consistent with the vision of the PIDF Leaders, today we have representatives from the Government, Private Sectors and Civil Society sitting together in the same room discussing the same issues.

“The need to enhance coherence at both the policy and operational levels is essential to allow for the effective implementation of our development goals and targets. Tangible impacts on the ground that will contribute towards improving the lives and livelihoods of our people should be the ultimate objective that our collective successes must be measured against.”

Prime Minister Sogavare also took the opportunity to thank the Deputy Secretary General of the PIDF, Mr Peni Lomaloma for committing his time and resources to ensuring the establishment of the NSDB of Solomon Islands.

On that note, he challenged the members of the Interim National Sustainable Development Board to build solid connections and carry the good work of the PIDF onwards.

“PIDF is a baby that sits around adult regional organisations. Your duty is to nurse the baby, feed the baby as it grows to catalyse, mobilise and mainstream sustainable development through green and blue economy in the Pacific islands region.”