Food Security and Nutrition – Ra

Suva Fiji, 10 March 2021: “The PIDF rolled out a “Food Security and Nutrition” program in the province of Ra last week to address a number of key deliverables that includes building community resilience through the identification and promotion of simple and reliable solutions. The project was conducted over two weeks in three villages [Nativi, Rokoroko and Togovere] and focused on improving the diets of the villages through farming practices that protect the environment, growing vegetables and new ways of cooking local foods. This follows the WHO advisory that in the absence of an effective vaccine to protect us against the deadly effect of COVID19, the best way to safeguard oneself is to strengthen ones immune system through a healthy and nutritious diet. Given that the health of many Fijians (and Pacific Islanders) have already been compromised by the onset of non-communicable diseases, a healthy and nutritious diet using local food and prepared in a healthy way can reverse the effect of NCDs in our communities.

The program modality included a hands on farming demonstration involving green-house seedling preparation, a cooking show involving a chef using local vegetables and herbs and a classroom type presentation by dieticians and healthy food advocates. The program was supported by Embassy of The People’s Republic of China in The Republic of Fiji, the Ra Provincial Council, the Fiji Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Courts, Fiji Gas and the Nacilau Three Angels Missionary Centre.”