Call for Action

It’s time to action the implementation of discussions and outcomes of the COP21 in the Pacific and we need to do it collectively with one message and one voice.

This came out clearly at the Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) Secretariat’s Senior Officials Committee meeting held at the USP ICT Centre on March 11, 2016.

It was also unanimously agreed to by all in attendance that Pacific Island countries need to identify regional priorities with a common goal aligned to the discussions and resolutions of the Paris, COP21 meetings which will form part of a roadmap for advocacy and implementation championed by PIDF at regional and international forums.

“It can happen and it needs to happen but collectively and in a strategically thought manner with a multi-stakeholder participation and representation from the non-state actors is equally critical,” said PIDF Secretary General, Mr. François Martel.

“PIDF will also certainly look at the possibility of lobbying for a Pacific Islands Climate Treaty or even the establishment of a Pacific Islands Climate Commission to action climate change enabling activities and advocacy efforts as discussed today,” further added Secretary General Martel.

The meeting attended by member countries, regional development partners and Non state members such as PIANGO and PIPSO met to deliberate progress updates of a number PIDF initiated forums, meetings and other secretariat internal activities. The recommendations from this meeting also comes at an opportune time as the PIDF Secretary General prepares to depart on Monday 14/3/2016 for a series of high level meetings on the progress of PIDF to number of Pacific diplomatic missions.