WEDNESDAY 12TH April, 2017: The Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) congratulates Ms. Ronna Sekiguchi of Green House Studio who was announced as the winner of the national COP23 official logo competition and also to the two runner up which included Shiristy Singh from Adi Cakobau School and Mark Philitoga from Nadi Muslim Primary School.

“Congratulations to the winners of the COP23 Logo competition and also to the Government of the Republic of Fiji for encouraging an inclusive and participatory process for the people of Fiji to get involved and understand the impact climate change has especially in the Pacific,” said PIDF Secretary General, François Martel.

The logo captures the vulnerability of Small Island developing states to climate change with the island partially submerged and a huge wave bearing down on it. The wave is also in the form of a cyclone with an eye in the middle – symbolising the wrath Severe Tropical Winston caused to Fiji.

PIDF reasserts its assistance to the COP23 Presidency for the call of a united Pacific voice and genuine partnerships for climate action between governments, civil society and the private sector to strengthen climate resilience of vulnerable Pacific nations.

“We reaffirm our continued support to the COP23 Presidency and the recently announced COP23 secretariat in terms of providing technical assistance through our members, development partners and with our unique multi-stakeholder governance,” said the Secretary General.

Secretary General Martel also acknowledged national airline Fiji Airways for their contribution towards prizes for the logo competition and the pledge to place the COP23 logo on one of their aircrafts.

“Our preparations towards COP23 and the UN Ocean Conference are progressing well with our partners and we stand ready to provide our support to the COP23 secretariat on Pacific preparations for the Bonn meeting in November later this year,” further added the PIDF Secretary General.