A post TC Winston clean-up initiative organised by the Pacific Island Development Forum (PIDF) was undertaken today (27/2/2016) at the Nasese Foreshore area.
Attended by nearly 100 volunteers, from all works of life, who responded to PIDFs call for unity to undertake this clean-up campaign, huge amount of debris that washed ashore from the aftermath of TC Winston was collected.
PIDF would like to extend its heartfelt gratitude to the volunteers that availed themselves today to carry out this activity especially to the officers from the Fiji Police Academy and the countless volunteers as well.
In order to persevere the huge amounts of natural flora and fauna found at our foreshore PIDF has decided to make this clean-up campaign part of their monthly event.
The clean-up campaign undertaken today also revealed that there is still some a general disregard of our anti-litter laws and rubbish is still thrown away carelessly. Huge amounts of take away containers, spoons/forks, alcoholic beverage bottles, plastic bags and PET bottles were also collected.

It’s integral we all work together to ensure our foreshores remains beautiful for many years to come and one of the simplest and easiest ways to protect the environment is to ensure you correctly dispose of rubbish.

Littering is not only detrimental to the ecosystem; it also ruins the overall presentation of all the communities. PIDF encourages the Pacific communities to be wise in how they dispose their rubbish and also looks forward to engaging more volunteers over the coming months to join in the clean-up campaigns to maintain our clean and green Pacific environment.