Preliminary discussion: PROP & IUCN

12 March 2020 – The PIDF Secretariat hosted a preliminary discussion and way forward on the Pacific Region’s Organisations Partnership (PROP) concept with IUCN’s Regional Programmes Director, Mr Andrew Foran. IUCN indicated its support for the PROP concept, however, stressed the importance of re-looking at the initiative to capture clear directions, purpose, collaborative frame-work and the return on investment for interested organisations.

The Pacific Region is fortunate to have a number of organisations (Regional/Sub-Regional Organisations, International CSOs, UN Agencies, Academic Institutions and Interest Groups) performing important work related to Green/Blue Economy and Sustainable Development in order to improve the lives of Pacific people and their environment. For this reason these organisations have felt it necessary to form a lose partnership (called Pacific Region’s Organisations Partnership) to optimise the work of these organisations.
The Pacific Region’s Organisations Partnership (PROP) aims to build a network of organisations active in the Pacific islands region to introduce and share information related to their Green/Blue Economy and Sustainable Development work and initiatives of the various organisations and promote collaboration between them.”