The Pacific Island Development Forum (PIDF) Secretary General Mr. Francois Martel on Wednesday hosted the Indonesian government delegation to a meeting at the PIDF Secretariat in Suva to further strengthen bilateral cooperation.
The delegation was led by Ambassador Salman Al Farsi the Acting Director General of Policy Analysis & Development Agency with the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Issues discussed at the bilateral talks includes the COP21 meeting in Paris, Indonesia’s experience on the Green Growth Framework and PIDF’s proposed role as the Center of Excellence on the Green Economy and as the Regional Authorising Officer (RAO) on behalf of the Pacific in terms of Indonesian aid to the Pacific.

The Indonesian delegation acknowledged the relevance and need of the PIDF and reaffirms their commitment to developing close relations with Pacific countries and organisations as they see the Pacific as a Strategic Neighbor.

Indonesia understands the Pacific’s position on Climate Change as they also have many low islands and have expressed their interest in developing its partnership with PIDF in the area of Climate Change. In this regard Indonesia is hopeful PIDF can meet with the Indonesian Delegation at the COP21.

Both parties reassured their support to strengthening bilateral relations and cooperation in areas of mutual interest. PIDF and Indonesia had established relations at the 2013 PIDF Inaugural Meeting.