Warriors are revered in most cultures around the world – and particularly so in the Pacific and Fiji’s appointment as the President of COP23, the Pacific affiliate, also known as the Pacific Climate Warriors (PCW) have decided to up the ante and advocate for the best possible “Pacific Position.

We were graced with the presence of the PCW at our Secretariat in Suva for a meeting where discussions with an emphasis on strong preparations for COP23, coupled with an intention to prevent disjoint COP delegations as seen in the past years and encourage a united Pacific Call for Action.

The visit allowed PIDF Secretary General to highlight PIDFs contribution towards COP21 and the reference to the Suva Declaration including Pre & Post COP21 activities. Reference was also made to the development of a COP22 Guidance Note for Pacific Island Leaders who attended the COP22 in Marrakech.

The Guidance Note called for rights of people displaced by Climate Change, a moratorium on new coal mines and increased effort on controlling transport emissions and for greater support for Ocean issues.

There is a need to connect communities in the Pacific that are most affected by and least resilient to climate change with the COP negotiation team/s in order to reveal the true extent of grief and at the same time create opportunities to building momentum and synergize.

Secretary General Martel highlighted that PIDF will continue to focus on high ambition advocacy and guidance to member on negotiations at the upcoming COP and would be delighted to engage with the Pacific Climate Warriors not only for preparations for COP23 but also in their continued advocacy and awareness efforts.

The PCW are clearly leaving no stones upturned in their preparations and showcasing the Pacific spirit and are also planning to a number of activities including holding a prayer vigil in Bonn alongside the COP23