Courtesy Call : UNOCHA

Suva Fiji, 19 November 2020: The PIDF Secretariat welcomed Mr Gerard Gomez, Head of United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) in the Pacific and its Information Management Officer, Ms Rashmi Rita, based in Suva. The PIDF provided a brief on its sustainable development program, particularly in supporting member countries in building resilient communities through its green growth and blue economy platforms. PIDF Secretary General, Ambassador Solo Mara highlighted the synergies between UNOCHA and PIDF in its multi-stakeholder approach to development and recognise this as a complementarity in their respective goals in supporting zero emission and climate resilient communities in the region. The discussion was focused on common areas of interest in relation to humanitarian needs in the Pacific on disaster preparedness and recovery to build-back better.
Mr Gomez shared similar sentiments and emphasized the importance of proper communication and coordination with relevant national Ministries in the Pacific. In order to realize this, it is significant to expand existing networks and be aware of the role and responsibilities of other regional and international organizations. The UNOCHA and PIDF looks forward to working closely towards sustainable development in the Pacific and the attainment of the 2030 agenda