Strategic Profile



A United, Distinctive and Sustainable Pacific Society


​Enabling Green/Blue Pacific Economies through Inclusive Strategies, Multi-stakeholder Governance, and Genuine Partnerships.


The PIDF shall drive through national, regional and international frameworks, transformative changes by focusing on the sustainable and inclusive development of Pacific Islands by:

• Advocating the very real and pressing significance of climate change for the lives and livelihoods of Pacific Islands and Pacific Islanders;

• Implementing policies for sustainable development and especially poverty eradication that respond to the challenges posed by climate change and globalisation;

• Accelerating the integration of the three pillars of sustainable development namely environment, social and economic to harmonise the pursuit of economic  growth with the needs of societies and the sustainability of the environment;

Facilitating the use of tools, approaches and innovations such as Green-Blue Pacific economy, leadership and genuine partnerships to stimulate robust debate while fostering an inclusive change agenda.


The PIDF shall :

• Serve as a dynamic regional partnership platform that recognizes, celebrates, promotes and preserves the diversity of Pacific Cultures, their history and the challenges they face from climate change, globalisation and development;
• Provide an inclusive regional multi-stakeholder forum to enable collaboration between leaders and representatives of Pacific Governments, civil society and private sector to take ownership of their decisions and actions to address their special development needs;
• Provide an inclusive regional multi-stakeholder forum for leaders of the public sector, civil society and private sector and serve as the Pacific regional counterpart for the south-south groupings and other regional and international arrangements that focus on sustainable development and especially poverty eradication in Pacific Islands to ensure policy coherence at all levels;
• Advocate for a robust, effective, inclusive and transparent follow-up and review process to connect activity at national, regional and international levels;
Secure the support of development partners through formal agreements for technical assistance and financial resources to achieve sustainable development and poverty eradication outcomes;
• Promote innovation through the adoption of robust policy designs, good governance practices and scalable and adaptable technology choices to deliver transformational changes;
• Support the development of national infrastructure of development to connect with regional and international institutions;
• Develop an information hub for the dissemination of information on Green-Blue growth, sustainable development and especially poverty eradication.


The Conference is the apex decision-making body of the PIDF. It meets every two years. The Conference comprises members of the Leaders’ Summit and Members’ Representative Council.

The Leaders’ Summit comprises Leaders of Pacific Islands governments and Pacific organisations. The Summit meets once a year.

The Members’ Representative council comprises three members from each National/Local Sustainable Development Boards or their equivalent, a member from each Pacific Organisation and the Secretary General. The Council meets twice a year.

The National/Local Sustainable Development Boards implements the PIDF purposes and ensures that national and local priorities influence the agenda. The board meets quarterly.